Thursday, June 30, 2005


We bought this BIG OLD house when we moved to the Upper Peninsula last year.


Really Big.

About 3400 sq feet, including the walk up attic. And we got it cheap (compared to Chicago prices). Because it didn't have a kitchen.

At All.

The previous owners had tore out the kitchen and started the remodel by putting up drywall, and then had stopped. There were no cabinets, counters, appliances. There were 6 doors in it, and two badly placed windows. There was a room which might have once been a bathroom or laundry room, we're not sure. When we bought the house, there was a pile of junk including a brand new toilet (not connected to anything) sitting in it.

As my husband and I had been fighting over kitchens for years and years, we decided it was the perfect house for us. We planned on hiring a kitchen designer and then we could fight with them.

We did have a couple of areas of agreement. We both like natural wood cabinets (not painted, not weird colored). We both wanted a cooktop and two ovens. and we like the lazy susan corner cabinets.

That was it. We got a dozen recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for a contractor and settled on Middleton Construction in Lake Linden. (1)

Not much to start a remodel job on, but the kitchen designer from 41 Lumber came in and measured the space, listened to us, and... out of our vague hand waving and enthusiastic ranting (we want to make it bigger, we can take out that wall and that door and that door and that window) she came back with 3 plans.

We looked at them and both picked *that* one. Wow. 10 years of fighting and we agree on a room layout?

We went out to pick out cabinets and she laid out the samples and we went *that one*. By the time we got to the countertop and knobs we were scareing each other. We NEVER agree on anything like that... unless it involves something with the kids (or the dog).

So Shane and crew came in and started the remodel. That's when we found out we had 2 foot more of ceiling above the current ceiling (which was a home made drop ceiling that was a bit scarey). and that the soffit contained... ta da... another soffit... which contained... another soffit! My husband calls them The Amazing Onion Soffit!

It's been 3 months since we started the remodel. The cabinets and all the appliances are in ... and they look AMAZING. We're going to do the floor ourselves later in July, and put tile down in the greenhouse window (and buy stools for the peninsula). There are a few more things Middleton has to do (a plug wired to switch, when we need one side not switched. The refrigerator water isn't hooked up yet, and a piece of trim is missing).

12 years of discussion and debate and fights and we'll finally have a kitchen we both love.

My husband likes it so much, he's made bread nearly every day since the ovens went in.

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