Saturday, August 20, 2005

Stupid dog. Stupid husband. Bad! No Cookie!

We moved from the big city to a small town nearly a year ago, now. How it has not happened until now I don't know. Our very large, big city mutt has finally gotten himself sprayed by a skunk.

He never has liked other animals (other than cats) in his yard. He's been known to kill fuzzy little bunnies, raccoons and even bats in his quest to maintain his territory. Tonight he found a skunk. Not a big city skunk, which just ignore chained dogs, but a do-as-you-please small town skunk. The skunk that knows he rules the world because there's nothing in a small town which hasn't either been sprayed or is about to be sprayed.

We've had some trouble with "something" getting into the garbage, but the dog usually comes in before that happens. It's a nice night out, and my husband was busy with something, and the dog got left outside later than usual... and we're expecting company, of course.

Now my husband isn't a city boy. He's lived in the country most of his life. He KNOWS that dogs get sprayed. Apparently this is the first time he's ever had to deal with it without having a barn to shut the dog into.

There are a lot of doors in our house, but not a lot of places to lock the dog up. We don't have a door going to the basement (note: we NEED a basement door). The garage isn't very secure, the door outside doesn't close tight (thus the garbage problem). The upstairs is carpeted. The front porch is no place to enclose a skunked dog. Basically the downstairs bathroom and the "back of the house" which includes my craft room and the computer room and the kids TV room are the only places that make sense to shut a skunked dog up from a "permenant smell risk" standpoint.

Does my husband choose the room with the cat litter box and nothing else? No. He feels sorry for the dog, and doesn't want him having to sleep on the cold floor (even though it's warm outside and in) so he puts him in the craft/computer/tv room. The craft room with thousands of dollars worth of fiber. The carpeted computer room. And the TV room with the queen-sized beanbag chair.

Fortunately I woke up when he came to bed and he told me this. I'm now airing out the back room with fans and the dog is locked into the bathroom with an old rug.
Stupid dog.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger min8ive said...

Our dog's been sprayed a couple of times. Googling gave us the baking soda/peroxide recipe to de-skunk her. We can get her cleaned up in about 20-30 minutes, and she sleeps in the house as usual.


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