Sunday, September 04, 2005

Totally inspired

This is get it together weekend. My husband and I have a LONG list of Honey-do projects and this was the weekend to do them. So what did I accomplish yesterday? I got the curtains down in the living room and moved to the laundry room. I washed the porch windows (the ones I can reach without a ladder or screw driver) and ... uh... ...uh... the husband got 1 shelf put up in the quest for a useable craft room.

I woke up this morning and carried the couch slipcovers downstairs. I made coffee and realized that that's about all I felt like doing today. While drinking the coffee, I figured I'd check in on the The Yarn Harlot. (If you haven't discovered Stephanie Pearl-McPhee yet, you're so lucky to have that experience ahead of you!) 4 hours later I'm tired from laughing, have discovered 2 new blogger "must reads" and am totally inspired to sit and knit the rest of the day.

Errr... it wasn't the plan, but what would it hurt? I have all these projects going... mittens for Patrick, a much-hated cotton swearter for Patrick, a sweater for Maggie (because her birthday sweater fit her little sister but was kinda tight on her... when I started it she was a size 2, imagine that she grew in the 2 years it took me to finish it!), and a sweater that has taken me 2 years to get 1/3 done for my husband.

This last project is what prompted me to put the craft room near the top of the honey-do list. It's a dk weight sweater called "Cables after Whiskey". It's really large. As my husband doesn't wear sweaters very often, I figured he could wear this over something... or I could... so it's got a 52 inch chest. REALLY LARGE. The pattern has 7 rows of stocking knitting and one row of random cables. The designer includes pages and pages of random numbers so you can make your own random sweater, as well as the exact "pattern" she used to generate the shown sweater.

I've made some changes to the pattern because... well... I really really really hate to sew up. Really. Really. So I'm not good at it. And I'll finish everything and the sweater will sit in my basket for years waiting to be sewn. Years! All that work, and I never finish it because I really really really really really hate to sew up.

So I make adjustments. I'm knitting this huge sweater in the round. Some knitters knit in the round because they hate to purl. Not me. I purl so automatically that I don't notice I'm purling. I've had to stop reading or whatever I'm doing while knitting and look because it will occur to my conscious brain that I'm supposed to be purling, and look at the knitting only to find that I WAS purling.

In any case... the craft room moved to the top of the project list because I have this huge sweater and ... uh... I ... I hate to confess this... I can't find the rest of the yarn. It's in a bin... in the closet in the craft room... and ... all the bins look the same and I can't find the right one. So the idea was to get the yarn out of the closet, and put LABELS on the bins! How helpful would THAT be?

But that requires my husband putting up shelves. He did get one up yesterday. But he can't find his bolt cutters to do the rest. HA! I'm feeling bad because he's been promised this lovely sweater for 2 years and I can't work on it because I can't find yarn and now I can blame HIM! I can't find the yarn because HE can't find the bolt cutters! How lovely is that!

Except I really want my craft room done... so I guess I'll have to go find him some bolt cutters so he can cut the nice wire shelving to the right size to get me my shelves in the craft room so I can find the right bin with the rest of the sweater yarn so I can sit and knit all day... tomorrow (until I have to go to work and help reboot servers).